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As an empathic intuitive, animal communicator, medium and spiritual teacher for many years, Ann is committed to the communication, and verbalization of the spirit energy and consciousness that surrounds you. We’re all spiritual beings endowed with six senses, and not all information comes in the spoken English word. As humans we are connected to the fabric of life that surrounds us, communicating by feelings, sounds, energy, thoughts, and other ways we still do not fully comprehend. These incredible connections help you fulfill your life’s purpose and be peaceful and happy.


With a wide breath of skills, Ann brings solutions and understanding to every issue you are faced with. Facilitating communication, she connects with people, animals, spirit guides, angels, regardless where they may be. When you are reconnected to spirit, you can begin to eliminate confusion, no longer disorientated. From knowing what your spirit guides and angels are saying to channeling your horse, dog and cat’s wishes to channeling a grandfather that you never met apology for his negative impact on your life, Ann shines light on issues that until now may have been in the dark. Clients of Ann’s have been able to move forward, solve issues, grow at an incredible speed, be happier than they ever thought possible and realize they are not alone. The most common reaction to Ann’s services is “I didn’t think anyone could even do that”. Every problem is already solved at a spiritual level, and Ann has access to that information. She is also very adept at knowing the future and thoughts of all involved. If you are a skeptic, you will appreciate Ann’s precise information, knowledge and style.

“The thread running through all of her work is that of Universal truth and honoring consciousness of all: animals, spiritual energies and humans alike.”

Jewelry & Ceramic Arts

jewleryArt enhances our vibrations, our experiences, our value, plus it is just plain fun! Art is a method of meditation, communication, and emotional connection. All of these items are one of a kind, designed, created and handmade by Ann. Inspired by celestial colors; ceramics and jewelry are meant to expand. Click here to find out more.

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  1. Hi, Ann Marie,
    Tried to leave a phone message but your memory was full. We talked about my missing cat Frankie briefly at John McNulty’s art show a week ago yesterday. Our conversation sparked several further questions that I have about him and his well being. I’d like to schedule a time to discuss it further. Please tell me how to do and pay for that. I can be reached at the above email or at 520-360-4531. Thank you.

    Bonnie Brunotte

  2. Thank you for replying to my linked in advertisement for our Bark and Bowl. Your donation would definitely be a huge hit at our charity raffle. Would you be able to send a certificate or something to post at the table side? Maybe a little basket?

    You can mail it to me:
    Ronda Sobel
    8522 Tourmaline Blvd.
    Boynton Beach, FL. 33472

  3. I love the visuals. I have a german shepherd from champion lines w/ hip dysplasia and my 9 yr old rhodesian ridgeback needs surgery#3 $$$ for a benign tumour in his mouth- Ruby d my lab mix is fine- We call her skittles…………..Thanks for your work.

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